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Rumina Velshi, President of CNSC, Co-Chair of the International Gender Champions Impact Group on Gender Equality in Nuclear Regulatory Agencies

About Us

The Safer Cleaner Planet Series is a multimedia platform of interviews drawing from an international community of pioneering experts, entrepreneurs and investors selected from across the full spectrum of energy, clean tech, infrastructure, transport, fuel and heavy industry sectors, dedicated to ever cleaner baseload and off-grid solutions to compliment a Nuclear for Net Zero vision alongside other forms of alternative energy and storage.

We are independently minded professionals and thought leaders leading the way on climate and energy security action by formulating ambitious pathways to accelerate the latest technological advances to commercialisation, from carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production to new waste to energy, renewables and recycling applications and much more.

Through sharing interviews giving examples of greater cohesiveness between international best performers on policy, standards and best practices, we aim to encourage greater investment into these sectors by improving understanding of timeline management, reliable stewardship of the safety, adaptation and regulatory dimensions as well as innovative business and project finance models.

Our video and audio podcasts feature two experts each month with an initial focus on how new nuclear is becoming an increasingly key component of the global energy transition to achieve Net Zero by 2030 and 2050.

As founders of Transition2Zero, an energy transition, infrastructure and project development consultancy, this podcast platform has been borne out of a feeling the nuclear industry requires renewed integration into the global conversation and decision-making processes when considering how to address our rising climate change, energy security and affordability tripartite challenge.

Having observed that the different energy sectors often act within their own silos, we felt with such pressing shared priorities, there is an increasing need for the international energy, ESG and SDG focused community to learn more from each other’s expertise about how new nuclear can best compliment the other critical energy mix choices we are also set up to cover; including conventional renewables, clean-technologies and other innovation solutions being applied across the energy spectrum.

With Small Modular Reactors as the new nuclear technology gathering most momentum in North America and Europe (with Darlington New Nuclear Project, Ontario, Canada, due to be the very first with a projected completion as early as 2028), we felt there was a need for the international energy and sustainability community to learn more about these game-changing developments.

Given the enormous strides that have been made towards decarbonization with conventional renewables, and all forms of innovation solutions including batteries, storage, EV’s and new charging, hydrogen and other systems infrastructure adaptations being introduced, we believe while new nuclear remains a key component for the energy transition mix, our view is nuclear is just one part of the broad collection of solutions for achieving Sustainable Energy For All.

Therefore, it is the intention of The Safer Cleaner Planet Series, with an emphasis on public safety while encouraging innovation, to facilitate a more efficient and accelerated energy transition by adopting a very inclusive approach to sharing information by inviting leading policy, regulatory, legal, investment, science and engineering experts from the full spectrum of sectors below:

New Energy, Infrastructure and Innovation Systems
New Energy, MENA & Emerging Markets
Transportation (Shipping, Aviation & Road)
Regulation & Safety Standards & ESG
Carbon Heavy Industries (iron & Steel, Cement, Chemicals and other)
Green Buildings (Commercial & Residential) & Construction
Minerals & Mining
Energy & Supply Chain Security

If you feel we have a gap in our coverage, we invite you to make any sector or expert recommendation comment Here:

    Mindful of the historical divisions between the UNFCCC’s and COP eco-centric movement and those Sustainable Development pioneers more concerned with addressing fuel poverty and economic growth (both priority SDG’s), The Safer Cleaner Planet Series has also been created to bring together increasingly polarised perspectives and to realign the two movements with renewed harmony and balance.

    At the start of this journey we are focusing on New Energy, Infrastructure and Innovation Systems and New Energy, MENA & Emerging Markets, but due to our passion for conservation and wilderness philanthrophy and projects, we will also be drawing on the insights of leading figures under our Key Sustainability Sub-Sectors dedicated category, including:

    Agriculture & Sustainable Farming & Food Production
    Sustainable Forestry and Rainforests
    Offsets, Carbon Sequestration & Carbon Credits
    Land Restoration, Biodiversity & Rewilding
    Seed & Soil Preservation

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