The Safer Cleaner Planet Series

SCPS Core Sectors

The Safer Cleaner Planet Series is a pre-recorded podcast video archive covering environmental, new energy, transportation, fuel & infrastructure and clean-tech innovation experts, entrepreneurs, agri-tech (including low tech) and waste-to-energy innovators, conservation and climate conscious philanthropists, new business model pioneers and governmental and non-governmental Best Performers and Sustainability Stewards.

Interviews mainly focus on state and non-state actors engaged in managing the safety, costs and implementation of the energy transition including environmental and public health impact assessments, sustainable life cycle standards and identifying the world’s most promising new energy companies and projects also featured on [members login in only] Transition2Zero’s planned Trusted Network™

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Leading Net Zero core sectors

New Energy, Infrastructure and Innovation Systems

New Energy, MENA & Emerging Markets

New Nuclear SMR’s
Large Nuclear
New Builds
Nuclear Fuels
Nuclear New Builds
Nuclear Fuels
Renewables Wind CSP/PV (solar)
Commercial & Residential
Biofuels & Biomass SAF
Batteries & Storage Residential & Commercial & industrial
Utility Scale
Off Grid & Microgrid
Curtailment & Trading
Energy Efficiency Smart Meters & Homes
Smart Lights
Smart Appliances
Smart Infrrastructure & Communities
Power Generation CHP
Hydrocarbons CCUS & Natural Gas
ESG Refining
Transition Fuels Clean Hydrogen
Synthetic Fuels
Clean-Tech & Innovation DACCS
Waste to Energy  
EV’s & Charging Passenger Vehicles
Heavy Freight/HDV
EV Fleet Local
Energy System
Infrastructure & Grid Systems Utility Grid modernization
DINO Domestic Infra & Network Optimisation
Off-grid power systems
National Grid Integrated Tech
Big Digital Data & IoT & Remote Device Management
Superhubs & GreenSCIES & Integrated Renewables Infrastructure
Smart Grid & Infrastructure technologies
Curtailment Tech AI
Hybrid Infrastructure & Trading Systems
Power Grid Safety Enhancements
Advanced Data Driven Virtual Electricity Network Tracing (ADVENT)
Smart Home Control For Energy System Integration (SHOCENSI)
Multi-Vector Exchanges & Regional Energy System operators
V-Power Chain
Port Energy Systems Optimisation (PESO)
Heat networks as flexible grid assets
Urban local energy trading exchange (Urban-X)
Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES)
Open Protocol Metering for Heat Networks
Thermochemical seasonal solar energy storage for buildings
BanrEnergi - buildings systems
The Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS)

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    "To fulfil this responsibility [creating safe nuclear fleets] we need to encourage international standardisation of designs and to pursue and achieve greater harmonisation of regulations across borders, the future is coming, the change is coming" - Rumina Velshi, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission



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