The Safer Cleaner Planet Series

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” – Malcolm S. Forbes

About Transition2Zero’s (T20) planned Trusted Network.

The Safer Cleaner Planet Series (SCPS) has been borne out of the idea of gradually creating a T20’s Trusted Network as an inclusive by-invitation international community of pioneering experts, entrepreneurs and investors selected across the full spectrum of energy, clean tech, infrastructure, transport, fuel and heavy industry sectors (and more), dedicated to safely accelerating ever cleaner and more reliable baseload and off-grid sustainable solutions to compliment a Nuables For Net Zero vision by 2030 and 2050.

With varying degrees of seniority across all generations and genders, the SCPS strives to raise awareness of independently minded professionals and thought leaders who are leading the way on climate and energy security action by formulating ambitious pathways to accelerate the latest technological advances to commercialisation, from carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production to new waste to energy, renewables and recycling applications and much more.


Through greater cohesiveness between international best performers on policy, standards, our hope is by sharing information across sectors and countries globally, this could assist in building trust and confidence not only with vital public stakeholders but also potentially to drive greater investment into these clean energy sectors by means of improved understanding of the real-time timeline management and reliable stewardship of the safety, adaptation and regulatory dimensions of frontier innovation and technologies.

The Safer Cleaner Planet Series Survey

Why Subscribe to Our Experts Community or join T20’s planned Trusted Network?

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

By invitation to either feature as a Safer Cleaner Planet Series interviewee or become part of T20’s planned Trusted Network of energy transition & sustainable development experts & pioneers, relationships will be built through a series of off-the record conversations or recorded podcast interviews throughout 2023 and beyond. These will feature on and
To assist in building empirical evidence and useful shared resources to reflect upon, T20 also aims to write a monthly newsletter to subscribers, T20 Recommendation Reports and T20 Roadmaps for Stability to be shared with the rest of the network and in some cases a wider public audience if requested.

    What does subscribing to our expert community or joining our planned T20 Trusted Network offer?

    Our library of experts & pioneers’ is a database and network which identifies who from the new & clean energy, transportation, fuel, power, heat & infrastructure industry sectors are the recognised leading experts and pioneers in their field. Agri-tech (including low tech), waste-to-energy, recycling innovators and natural resources extractors is also covered. New-model business pioneers, governmental and non-governmental “Best Performers” and “Sustainability Stewards”, join our existing environmental, conservation and climate conscious CEO & founders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to share their vision of how best to restore balance to our fragile economic, energy and environmental ecosystem.

      How to Subscribe to our Experts Community or Join our planned T20 Trusted Network

      T20 Trusted Network is a planned inclusive by-invitation community of world leading energy transition experts, entrepreneurs, professionals and investors who share a conviction for responsible stewardship for an affordable, safer, cleaner planet while holding a diversity of opinion.

      Apart from those unable to join due to their position, in order to build our network of members, we are offering the “First Fifty” participants a complimentary annual membership as a token of our recognition for their outstanding leadership in their fields and for supporting The Safer Cleaner Planet Series as recognition of these individuals as the energy transition’s “early adopters”.

      Upon review, these initial members are invited to share their insights and vision within their specialist fields in a 30-55 minute pre-recorded podcast style interview on our Safer Cleaner Planet Series. Each initial member will then be invited once a year to update their video recording and to attend any of our Upcoming International Events.

      Throughout the year, as part of SCPC and T20 ‘s Upcoming International Events, they will also be invited to join a variety of small gatherings to meet in person with other members who wish to learn more and collaborate further for the success of their mutually shared goals.

      “We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges” – Tim Berners Lee

      Once our First Fifty “early adopters” is complete, our annual membership fee will be charged accordingly:

      “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

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      Established corporates: £500
      Investors and family offices: £300
      Philanthropists: £300
      Entrepreneurs, start-ups & near commercialised companies: £300.
      Service providers including lawyers, accountants and financial experts: £300
      Skilled professionals including engineers, scientists, climate or environmental specialists: £150
      Not-for-profits & academics: £150
      Media and public relations representatives: £150
      Next Generation representatives and young professionals: £100

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        "To fulfil this responsibility [creating safe nuclear fleets] we need to encourage international standardisation of designs and to pursue and achieve greater harmonisation of regulations across borders, the future is coming, the change is coming" - Rumina Velshi, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


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