The Safer Cleaner Planet Series

Upcoming International Events

Laetitia regularly co-hosts climate & energy, ecology & nature and social impact focused events in London. These include: A UNEP history book launch with conservationist Stanley Johnson, the 2012 London Olympics Muhammad Ali Foundation’s Dinner for several hundred high-profile and sport celebrity guests at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a Tree Media documentary screening; “We The People” about the realities of the architecture of the American energy system of governance.

A private “Friends of Conservacion Patagonia” dinner for the (now late) Doug Tompkins to celebrate the launch of Laetitia’s documentary illuminating his deep ecology philosophy, life and work entitled “Journey to The Future Patagonia National Park”.

The latest event T20’s founder co-hosted was a private screening with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone at The Bulgari Hotel in London for Stone’s new documentary Nuclear Now, which explores the industry’s history, its popular misconceptions over safety and the huge potential of New Nuclear innovations such as Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Microreactors. The screening was held alongside a pre drinks & Q&A and joined by Professor Joshua Goldstein and Staffan Qvist who co-wrote the book upon which the documentary is based; A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and The Rest Can Follow

COP 28 Dubai

Wild Life by Little Monster Films

A Biopic of the life and conservation legacy of Doug and Kristine Tompkins.

Upcoming public release Spring 2023

Douglas Tompkins and Laetitia Cash in Patagonia

Nuclear Now produced by Oliver Stone and Participant Media

Upcoming Public Release 2023 – details to follow

Past Curated Events

Nuclear Now produced by Oliver Stone

A private screening pre-drinks & Q&A with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone
for his new documentary “Nuclear”, joined by Joshua Goldstein and Staffan
Qvist co-authors of A Bright Future:: How Some Countries Have Solved
Climate Change And The Rest Can Follow, at the Bulgari Hotel’s screening
Room & bar, Knightsbridge, London, December 9th 2022

Fernando Sulichin, Laetitia Cash and Oliver Stone

Virginia Crosbie MP Net Zero All Part Parliamentary Chairman with Laetitia Cash and Professor Joshua Goldstein

Simon Bowen Chairman of Great British Nuclear GBN with Laetitia Cash attends Nuclear Now at Bulgari Hotel Dec 2022

Friends of Concervacion Patagonia

An evening with legendary US conservationist and former CEO of sustainability retail brand Patagonia Kristine Tompkins at Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London, September 19th 2019.

We The People 2.0 The Second American Revolution - Community Rights & Rights
of Nature - Tree Media

Exclusive screening at The Electric Cinema, Soho House, Portobello
Rd, London, July 7th 2016.

Al Gore and Laetitia Cash attend a private dinner in honour of Al Gore
and The Climate Reality Project on 14th April 2015 in Mayfair hosted by
Lord Rumi Verjee on behalf of The Rumi Foundation and David Blood of
Generation Investment Management

Private Dinner for Doug and Kris Tompkins

At 5 Hertford Street on Thursday 14th June 2012

Doug Tompkins Memorial Fishermans Wharf San Franscisco

Memorial & Private Screening of ‘Journey to the Future Patagonia National
Park’ documentary produced by Laetitia Cash and filmed by Madeleine
Farley. Donated to Tompkins Conservation as a Friend of Conservacion

Stanley Johnson

40th Anniversary of the United Nations Environmental Programme with
the launch of Stanleys book UNEP, The First 40 Years, in Mayfair, London,
29th May 2013.

Laetitia Cash and Prime Minister Boris Johnson UNEP Book launch of Stanley Johnson Mayfair London

Rachel Johnson and Stanley Johnson UNEP

Laetitia Cash Amazon Charitable Trust Conservation UNEP event Mayfair London

Laetitia Cash speech with microphone UNEP book launch Stanley Johnson Mayfair London

Jake Fitzwilliam Stanley Johnson and Laetitia Cash

Laetitia Cash and Gus Hochschild UNEP book launch Stanley Johnson Mayfair London

Charlie Astor and Laetitia Cash UNEP book launch Stanley Johnson Mayfair London

London Olympics Muhammad Ali Centre Charity Auction Dinner

At the V&A Museum, London, with special guest Muhammad Ali, introduced by (the late) Sir David Frost and auctioned by Sotherby’s Chairman, Lord Harry Dalmeny, 26th July 2012

Past publishing events curated by Laetitia Cash

The Night of The Duck

100TH Anniversay and relaunch of Duckworth Publishing at the
Dorchester, London – October 16th 1998

Duckworth launches a venture of book-to-film projects, named
Duckworth Literary Editions. To mark the new venture and anniversary,
a launch party, ‘The Night of the Duck’.

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