The Safer Cleaner Planet Series

Eligibility to Join Our Expert Community

By subscribing to The Safer Cleaner Planet Series you are demonstrating your support for or critical analysis of the general goals below:

Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation & Innovation For All (SEITIFA)

Meeting the United Nations Framework Conventional on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDGs) and Nationally Determined Contributions NDC’s

Restoring balance to the energy and climate conversation with Environmental Social Governance and supporting those who advocate for responsible investing.

The only pre-requisite is that all who would like to subscribe to our experts community under The Safer Cleaner Planet Series and the planned T20’s Trusted Network™ are consciously dedicated to safer, cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy and sustainability solutions. And to furthering best-in-class and sovereign based and realistically achievable high climate, clean energy, environmental, sustainable and ethical standards of practice.

Eligibility to be interviewed on The Safer Cleaner Planet Series

Drawing on Transition2Zero’s Trusted Network™ of energy transition & sustainable development experts & pioneers, to be invited to join The SCPS all interviewees must be either private and public sector professionals, regulators, entrepreneurs, academics, engineers, technicians and innovators, investors, lawyers, accountants and financial modellers, mathematicians, scientists, ecologists, biologists, agriculturalists, sociologists, statisticians and philanthropists, or well-known thought-leaders or activists with a record of championing their subject.

By coming onto the series, all interviewees are demonstrating they are consciously dedicated to furthering the sustainable development goals (SDGs), including balancing climate mitigation priorities with those of cost and alleviating fuel poverty as well as securing energy security through innovative ways to create reliable energy supply alongside strong environmental and public health standards.

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